Néixer per néixer / “Born to Be Born” (2022)

Néixer per néixer (Born to Be Born), directed by Pablo García Pérez de Lara, is Falca’s first documentary. It is an original feature length documentary centered on the process of preparing for and undertaking an end of year trip for the first class ever to graduate from Congrés-Indians, a newly established state school celebrating its first 9 years of existence. On one hand its teaching philosophy revolves around trusting the child as a being with an inexhaustible appetite for learning, and on the other paying attention and giving emotional care to each student, as an individual, remembering that each has their own needs and learns at their own pace.

In a world where the drive to succeed draws us into conflict, this state school supports children so that they are able to face their own problems and also deal with the conflicts they come up against in their everyday lives using dialogue and comprehension.

Néixer per néixer will be released in 2023

“A child is not born for society’s sake, although society claims him. He is born for the sake of being born.” Eugène Ionesco

Even though the school is founded on the idea that the limits we place on our children not only exist, but are fundamental,it very much belongs to the girls and boys, and we will film it from their perspective. The school does not belong to us, it does not belong to the camera that has come to film it nor does it belong to the teachers, or to the parents; it belongs to them, the children. It is the girls and boys who will fill the camera’s lens – which will mainly be an observer sharing the space with the essence that thrives between the school’s walls, a reality that may be somewhat shocking for some viewers. Education is a topic that, one way or another, affects us all; while some of us are parents, all of us are sons and daughters. As documentary makers we are not afraid of challenging the viewer-we think that is what cinema is for, to move and to excite, and also, if necessary, to shock, much as Robert Flaherty thought, to show other worlds and other ways not only within the education system but also in the rhythms of our own lives and our day-to-day existence.

We feel that it is important to capture this form of education, which can only be found as a rare exception in certain parts of the world and which, if it were fully understood, could help us to become a less competitive and more tolerant society in the long term. Congrés-Indians is not the only state-funded school in the world that bases its educational philosophy on paying close attention to emotions and feelings, but it is one of those that is working with and exploring this approach in depth and has managed to consolidate itself to such an extent that it is currently a model for many others.

Director: Pablo García Pérez de Lara

Production company: FALCA

In coproduction with: Edna Cinema

Producer: Jéronimo Pellicer Hummelsheim

Executive Producers: Carla Sospedra Salvadó / Jéronimo Pellicer Hummelsheim

Associate Producer: Angela Bosch Rius

Scriptwriter: Pablo García Pérez de Lara

Sound: Guillaume Dujardin

Sound design: Verónica Font

Music: Students at Congrés-Indians

Sales Agent: The Open Reel

Year of production: 2022

Locations: Barcelona & Ciutadella de Menorca

Format: Color, 4K

Duration: 108 minutes

Premiere: 2023

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