How falcas are made

We wanted to do a beautiful gift that defined FALCA. An object that would represent who we are. There was the intuition that it would be something made of wood. Solid. Unique.
For us the idea was clear, we had to play with our name.

Falca being a new company and few people understanding what the name really means, it seemed like a good idea to build some falcas and send them around the world.

Then the process to look for an artist started. It is not so easy to find someone who you admire and fits perfectly in a project.

And then we found OWL, a Canadian woodworker based in Barcelona, who designs and produces his own furniture. Check out his website: owlfurnitureandobjects.com

He is now one of the well-known craftspeople in Barcelona. We loved his designs, so we were thrilled that he accepted to be part of our project.

Following his personal style and philosophy of aesthetics at the service of function, he started working on the design. We also wanted to create a piece showing the process.

While the original idea was to hire a director to create the film, well, we discovered that wood is expensive. So we put the money in the object and we decided that for one day we (Maria and Noemi) would be on the directing side, instead of the producing side.
And it turned out pretty well.

Full credits
Director: Hi!Q (Maria Vives & Noemi March)
DOP: Juanjo Ordorika
Editor: Josef Baar
Sound Mix: Raúl Pindao
Special thanks: Lluís (Zeferino), Eli (16 Nou),  Ajuntament de Barcelona, Canada Council

Owl has a beautiful dog named Pino. And he seems to like playing with our Falcas. If you like the falcas, send us an email and we will send you one. If you are the producer for the next The Lobster film ,we will send you a dozen. Wink, wink.

We are Falca