How do I flip the tortilla?

I don’t know how many times I’ve been asked this question. And the answer is actually very simple: Tombatruites.

The Tombatruites is a difficult object to find these days, but 50 years ago, it was in the kitchen of every catalan family. It is the cooking tool that our grandfathers and grandmothers used to flip over the traditional tortilla.

We don’t know why we have decided not to use it anymore and end up with bad shaped and destroyed tortillas in the sink instead. But we are determined to end this.

After the success of our Falca last year, we wanted to create a new object for this year. It had to be representative of our culture, and beautiful so you all would like to have it at home… and useful!

And I can garantee that the Tombatruites will be very useful. Use it to cook the perfect round tortilla that you always wondered how it’s done. Use it to present it on the table. Use it to serve cheese or pizza.

Or just admire your handmade ceramic gift from your friends in Spain.

Casa Atlântica is a brand based in Barcelona. Their philosophy: bring old traditional objects back to life. Simple, basic objects, handmade in family workshops around Spain and Portugal.

Lester and Belén were our perfect partners for this project. That’s exactly what we wanted: bring Tombatruites back into our lives. With a nice contemporary design that fits in every home.

Check out their beautiful pieces at

We asked our friend Oriol Ivern from Hisop Restaurant ( – Yes, he has a Michelin star) to help us create a tutorial on how to use the tombatruites and he came up with a special exclusive recipe for us.

If you feel adventurous, try to prepare the Falca Tortilla for your family. Or if you prefer, go with the traditional tortilla. But don’t miss the instructions here:

For a year full of happiness and round tortillas.

Falca Team.