The Falcapad

Did you know that handwriting fires up different parts of the brain than typing does?

Did you know that handwriting slows you down (yes, bad) but forces you to think more?

And did you know that you remember 8 times more what you write by hand than what you type?

So there are plenty of reasons to take a pen and enjoy your Falcapad.

Here are some recommendations for optimal use.

* This is not an agenda. Use it to plan productions and prep.

*Who’s who? How to remember all these people and names and roles. Who was the man with glasses in the corner?

*Design your sets to scale.

*Easy fill-in call times and transport order.

*And finally, relax your brain filling in these drawings. Forget about meditation; you can sit on a chair and have your eyes open 🙂

Falcapad is recommended by 4 out of 5 producers’ doctors.

Enjoy 2020!

Falca Team