A locations booklet, made with care

Oh. The appeal of printed books.

We may be boomers. At least some of us are.
But the touch and sound of heavy paper turning pages is still unparalleled.

So in 2024, we decided to select some of the best scout pictures we took this last year and compile them in a book.

It serves two purposes.

On one side, we remind everyone of one of the company’s cores. We love finding locations and have a high standard for presenting them.

On the other, we give back to our clients as every office (home or elsewhere) requires beautiful tablebooks. Books are also decoration.

After an intense work of filtering, selecting, comparing, composing and test printing, we have finished our work.

We will prepare some sendouts over Xmas but if we still don’t know each other so well or if you want to make sure you get one send us an email to luna@falca.com and we will make sure you will get one.