Animal Champions based on
Guns, Germs & Steel by Jared Diamond

The clip is conceived to be consumed on the phone. We use animations as a medium for the transmission of complex ideas. We believe in not sugar-coating things. We like brevity. Our final goal is to promote reading and the thirst for knowledge. This can be in teens who think they don’t like to read or for adults too busy to learn.

In “Animal Champions” we present ideas that challenge the idea of some races being superior to others. We want to combat racism not (only) because it is morally wrong but also because it is scientifically false.

We are working with teachers and educators to understand which areas of humanism and values are not sufficiently developed in the high school range. We are also trying to find ideas that can be applied to our day-to-day life even when they look difficult.

In the age of information, the disregard for facts, the resurgence of tribalism and populism are worrisome elements and 2 minutes or less intends to stand against these plagues thanks to the power of drawings and the beauty of rationalism.

Animal Champions based on Guns, Germs and Steel by Jared Diamond

The first time we read Guns, Germs and Steel by Jared Diamond I felt dumb and smart.
Dumb because how the hell hadn’t I asked myself some of the things the book presents?
Smart because now I would hopefully remember and that was a great cocktail of knowledge.

The book (G,G,S) gives the reader environmental and luck-based reasons for lots of human phenomena and social divisions. It tries to answer hard questions:
Why did the white man manage to oppress other cultures from the 15th century on?
Why did the power relation work in one direction and not the opposite?

The answers are complex and they may even go further than the ones that the book gives. But it is a great start and at least for me it developed a hunger for knowledge in a certain area of science.

We wanted to pay homage to that book that I loved and I hoped I could make my brother (who never reads) interested in something like that. Historic, anthropologic, philosophical. But fun.

You can see the results here.

Spanish subtitles:

English subtitles:

Directed & Illustrated by CHINI (YOU ARE OVERRATED)
Animation & Animal Taming FRANCESCA CATTANEO
Production MARIA VIVES

Our next months will be full of reading, checking interesting ideas and seeing what we consider to be important to be told.

We are open to collaborations and ideas. If you are a teacher, an author, an illustrator, a politician or a philanthropist and want to collaborate with us, write us.

We also produced these nice postcards and a poster from the animation. If you want one, ping us.