We are a Barcelona-based film & photo production company. We service commercials, music videos, branded content and photographic campaigns, helping creative minds to achieve what they imagine, based on the resources that they have. From time to time we produce for ourselves and post our pieces on Werk.


Falca means Wedge, a piece of wood, metal, etc., with one pointed end and one thicker end that is used to split something, to fit into a space, to separate two things stuck together, etc. Our name is what we do. As a production service company we want our clients, producers, directors and photographers to feel we are exactly where they need us to be.


We support you.
We hold things down for you and we keep doors open.
We can cut wedges of cheese.
We balance things on rough surfaces.
We are sharp and we step into tight situations when we have to.
We can be invisible.
We are made of Rhine steel and Mediterranean wood.
We are reliable and flexible.


All projects are treated artfully and with care, just how we like to be treated.
Come and find out more. Write to us and you’ll see.


We are Falca.

Jerónimo P. Hummelsheim
Producer & Partner
+34 646 277 959

Ignasi Vargas
Producer & Partner
+34 654 071 774


Neus Julià
Financial Department & Partner
+34 93 768 84 51

Noemi March
+34 699 404 897

Marc Gallén
+34 669 869 278

Marc Valenzuela
Production Manager
+34 666 954 497

Maria Vives
Production Coordinator
+34 686 254 471

Luna Ausina
Production Coordinator
+34 600 401 496

Aleix Marín
Location Department
+34 650 950 280

Inés Palacín
Financial Department
+34 93 768 84 51

Eva Sabater
Financial Department
+34 93 768 84 51

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