Falca is now operating in KSA.


We completed our first shoot in September and it was a good start. A way to understand the country and also to see the opportunities to develop an office there with our own style.


To set up a permanent office in KSA, we have partnered with our friends from Millimeter. They have years of experience, a really technical approach, their own cameras and gear which along with top in-house crew leads to seamless local production.


As for Falca; we love and understand Football and the particular way to work with players and have been producing football-led content and campaigns throughout Europe for closing on 10 years now.


Brands, agencies, and production companies are and will be interested in producing campaigns locally and FALCA x MILLIMETER intends to be one of the best options on the market.


From big to smaller scale productions, the players that live and work in KSA are now not just athletes but small brands in their own right.


While the area has already a good level of production, the specifics of sports production and the way those need to be executed make our presence there valuable. We manage every aspect, from entry VISA to location permits plus local culture tips and good production-friendly hotels.


We don’t want to be an expat operation but truly local – with part of our team moving there – and trusting, sharing, and listening to our Arabic partners.


These are exciting times. With lots of competitors in a similar sphere but few with our levels of hunger and flexibility.


Contact us if you want to know more.